Monstera deliciosa - or the Swiss Cheese Plant

Top 7 Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants for Your Little Home

Who doesn’t love plants? And when it is about indoor one, it can be a perfect match for your sweet home. Indoor plants are the latest and most demandable accessories to decore your room or bathroom, or any side of the house.

Many people thought that it is very tormenting to look after them. But it is not the truth. these plants are too easy to take care of, less vexation for watering, no need for more balcony space. Moreover, they are less troublesome.

The most interesting thing about these plants is they absorb deficient sunlight and can be survived without water for 3-4 weeks. This mainly becomes the greenery more and more exigency for home decor.

 If you are looking for some of these indoor plants then this article will help you the most with your need. Here we discuss the top 10 houseplants with low maintenance to create your indoor bush. We researched and find out the best one for you which can decorate your home with a greener environment. So, let’s have a look and pick up your wishable one.



This has striped and twisted leaves like the sword that looks so staggering. These are considered “unkillable” plants which are survived without direct sunlight and daily watering. It’s easy to see and in fact, known also as indestructible for its survival skill. It releases oxygen even at night so it can be the best pet for bedrooms.

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There are a different variety of its species to choose from. some are long variations and grow for 4-5 feet, some are dwarf variations, slow growing which is 16 inches to 3-4 feet long such as  Sansevieria Fischeri. They are best in low light conditions and grow faster in brightened conditions. 

Snake plants can cope with every environment. They are extremely drought-tolerant. you can water the plant once or twice a week in summer. and in winter when it is dormant. It is a low-maintenance plant that needs less care and saves you time.

Monstera deliciosa – or the Swiss Cheese Plant

It is a perennial, broadleaves, and evergreen plant. The internal holes of the leaves make the plant’s name Swiss Cheese Plant. This is a happy indoor plant that suits your home delightfully. placing the plant in a considerable space where it gets sufficient room for growth.

Monstera deliciosa - or the Swiss Cheese PlantIt purifies the air and lessens the stress level. Monstera likes moist soil and prefers daily watering but can endure without watering for 2-3 days. When you put it in a pot you should take in mind that there’s a need for a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot.


This is a tall and upright growing plant. You can keep it dangling on the corner of the balcony or any window side. It brings fascinating looks to your home. It is also a temperature tolerate arbor. In bright light conditions, it grows faster and also grapples in every position. It disperses more branches means more leaves like a climber.



These are now extremely popular plants as interior decor. There are plenty of colors, sizes, shapes, and heights of these arbors which makes a charming look to your home. These are easy to maintain and love sunny spaces but can perfectly be survived in low lights. You can water the plant after the compost is completely parched. These cant resist much water or wet condition. It is engrossing to purchase succulents with a mixed variety of its species.

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SPIDER PLANT (Chlorophytum comosum)

These are also very popular plants as extremely easy to grow and don’t prefer extra attention. It gets its name from the narrow leaves with yellow or white stripes that resemble spiders. These plants are more prowess in purifying air. It may produce tiny white flowers. There’s no need to daily watering the herbs. They tolerate all types of light conditions. Being small they are easy to carry or move.

SPIDER PLANT (Chlorophytum comosum)


 From the name, it brings forth a sense of peace or calm. The flower of this plant shapes like a white little ‘candle fire’ which is aesthetic to look at. For decore homes these are very astounding accessories that fill up your preferences. They do not need much light so they prefer shady space. They neutralize toxic gases like carbon monoxide and are also known as air purifying. They are very easy to keep alive and have low maintenance to take care of.



These are mostly available and famous indoor plants of all time. The plant has big green leaves with yellow stripes on them that look gorgeous. they can survive in low-watering situations and indulge in low or bright light conditions. They are also known as devil’s ivy, upright climber, golden pothos, or silver vine. They can grow both in soil and water. but the soil is best for their growth. You can place it like a chain of leaves in your room which will surely bring a more attractive look to your room.



Indoor plants are very popular for requiring little attention and care. 

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Firstly, you have to choose which type of plant you want to decore your home. It is the most important part cause every plant has its survival skill. Every plant resists different temperatures and light.

Low-light plants love shady places to grow. And also don’t need daily watering. Some can survive without a drop of water even for a month. some need daily water. They mostly like moist compost. You need to spray water on the leaves and also wipe with a damp cloth to clean the dust. 

Bright light plants love sunny places but also live in low light. Watering them daily is good for their growth. They should keep in a good drainage pot. Too much water fester their root.


Even if your home is in lack of space, indoor greenery plants gives a healthy impact on your little home.  If you are not experienced in gardening at all, you also can able to look after them. They provide a lot of benefits such as purifying air, refreshing mood, bringing positivity to the mind, connecting to nature without going outside, and releasing toxic gases.

So we collect the top indoor plants for you and you can select the best one from our research.

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