Are Old Garden Hoses Recyclable?

As we all know, garden hoses make the work of gardeners easier. This turns the tiredness of conveying water to the plants into enjoyment. But the problem creates when you drag off your hose from the garage and notice that it wore out, or getting holes, or crake, or leak. Now what to do with the pipe?

The more you can do is to repair it. If not possible then the thought of recycling can be another idea.

Now the more frequent question is whether garden hoses are recyclable or not. So, If you are also about to ask such a question and looking for the right answer then here we are. In this article, we are going to tell you some mostly asked questions related to recycling garden hoses. Let’s have a look at the following.

Are Garden Hoses Recyclable?

The direct answer to this question is ‘NO’. the answer might hurt you, but it is the reality that they are absolutely not recyclable. These perplex the recycling facilities with both materials and shapes of the hoses. These contain non-recyclable ingredients that are not safer for health and also the environment. Though they are made of plastics or rubber but not only these two there are other materials used for the pipe which cause the main trouble in recycling.

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What Are The Non-Recycled Materials Used In Garden Hoses?

Plastic Hose Materials

Most hoses are made of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) or polyurethane (PU) which are almost ticklish plastic resins to recycle. They contain lead and phthalates which can leak into water. If it reprocesses it can be leached out from the plastic to the water and to the environment. 

They are not eco-friendly. Though pvc are common plastic material, and weather resistant, not all curbside recycling programs accept them for recycling.

Rubber Hose Material

If you buy more expensive rubber hoses and think of recycling them, then it also does not happen. This is not accepted in curbside bins for their shapes. It can tenacious the machinery in the recycling process. 

Both the plastic and rubber hoses required specialized machinery and extra expenses to recycle. These deter garden hoses to recycle.

Are Old Garden Hoses Recyclable?

The old ones are not recyclable. IF It is seen that old garden hoses become torn out, brittle, or leak or crake then it can be repaired. If the condition is not so good then you discard it. It cannot be reprocessed.

Are Rubber Garden Hoses Recyclable?

The rubber hosepipes are more expensive than the plastic ones. Rubber is a recyclable material. But when it is used in a pipe with other non-recyclable materials it becomes impossible to recycle, not only for the materials but also for its shape. It gets tangled and broke down the machinery. Some synthetic rubber pipes are accepted by the curbside recycling process but for that, it needs specialized machinery and also a factory recycling system. Otherwise, it is not possible.

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Are Plastic Garden Hoses Recyclable?

Plastics can be reprocessed. but when the garden hose is made from PVC with other non-recyclable ingredients then it is totally impossible to recycle it. It is hazardous for the ecosystem of the environment. 

What To Do With An Old Garden Hose

Garden hoses are not recyclable, you have to throw them in the garbage. But wait though hoses are not reusable before throwing them out you can use them in different creative ways. You can use anything with your creative mind and invent something new from the old ones. Here we give you some ideas that surely help you with new innovation.

Recycle Garden Hose Ideas

Make A Lounge Chair

This can be a wonderfully creative idea for your old garden pipe if turns into a suitable lounge chair.  You can make a lounge chair without using any foam or sofa just with the hosepipe. This is quite a difficult task. Firstly you need wood to shape the chair and then drilled holes on both arms of the chair and fill the pipe like shoe leches and tie them behind. Then your seating area is covered with it and you get a new chair with the old materials. 

Make A Wreath

If the hoses are good in shape then they can be used as wreaths. This idea is for decoring your front door or garden area. This is not as laborious as you think. You just need to know how to fold the pipe for your design and thats enough. 

Make A Flower Pot

The best way to use a garden hose is as a flower pot. Firstly you need a pot and then wrap the pipe around the pot to make a shape and then put off the pot and tied the hose with rope or threads. This timing part is tough though. If it does gently then here your flower pot is ready.

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Make Toys For Kids

These can be used as toy materials. You can cut them off and make different shapes for your toy design and your play equipment is ready to serve.

Make Stepping Stone

The hose pipes are long enough to make stepping stones. Cut them off into the same size and knit together and place them on the way. Now your shoes are protected from muddy areas.

 Make Bucket Handle

It is a good idea that makes a handle of a bucket with the old hosepipe. You just cut off a minimum length as handle size and tied it with both sides of the bucket. Here your new holder is ready which is more durable than the previous one.


Garden hoses are made of different mixtures of materials that do not permit the hose to recycle. If your old hose is in good condition then you can reuse it or if wish you can donate it to another. if not possible to reuse it then you can make something innovative from the oldies. Hope this article helps you the most with your questions.

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