13 Backyard Vegetable Garden Designs, Tips And Layouts For Novice Gardeners

If you have a backyard in your home, you can easily get a tag as a gardener with a green vegetable garden. You might think that it is a farmers’ day work. But we can prove you wrong with amusing ideas of planting greens with just small initials. This freshens joy you can claw back from your lawn.

The gaiety when your garden is full of greens beyond description. It’s not a big deal whether your lawn is too big or small or you just have a balcony. All that is needed is to set your heart on to do it. Once you grow your edible greens this will surely make you tingle to plant further.

We researched some of the ideas and designs to give you the best ones to assist your demand. Stay through the whole article and grab your needs.

Let’s run through this writing and you will get what you need for a beginner gardener.

Backyard Vegetable Garden Layout

The backyard is not only for garden works, it has many demands as it is used for storehouse space, family gathering spots, tea table talking, and many more. So without prejudicing these demands, you can have all these at once. For this reason, the layout is a salient feature. This can be done by a raised bed, traditionally grown row, hanging on a wall, circle bed, and so on.

Firstly you should measure your lawn area and then fix the bed size as to the approximate length.

You can go step by step as follows:

  • Take a graph paper and draw the plot, laying out beds and also the passage.
  • Keep in mind that rows or beds are 3-4 feet wide and face north to south.
  • Group the vegetables as shrubs, perennials, and bushes to plant them together.
  • Scrutinize the sunlight, airflow, and shadow to make a better spot.
  • The draining system must be well-founded.
  • Plant the tall crops at the edge and the smaller ones on the middle or front face of the beds.
  • Add a hedge around the bed or row side to protect the plants from overwind Flowing.
  • Placing a water bucket or tap at a place from where providing water can be easy.
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20×40 Vegetable Garden Layout

In this rectangular layout, the wide range is 20 ft and the length is 40 ft which is quite a long plot design. This design is for the underneath greeneries. By this, a lot of veggies can be produced in a year. The bed can be constructed with brick around the area and a fence surrounding it to protect it from children or other cattle.

20×20 Veggie Garden Layout

20x20 Veggie Garden Layout

This bed design is wide 20ft, and the length is 20 ft as square size. Perennials or herbs can be grouped and planted here. Also, the climbing crops can grow here with a stand to get shelter and make a podium to spread through the area.

Essential Tips for Planting Vegetables in the Backyard Garden

Garden Bed And Soil Preparation

This is the most essential part of gardening. A good garden begins with good soil. If your soil base is perfect then you can get healthy vegetables full of nutrients. Some grow well in very moist soil, some are in sandy soil. But most of the potherbs grow in loam with crumbly soil full of microbes, earthworms, nutrients, and minerals.

Although every plant’s soil requires slightly different elements, The main ingredients of a perfect soil preparation are compost, vermiculite, bone meal, manure, organic fertilizers, rock dust, worm casting, calcined castings, etc. You can prepare the soil for the pot, and also by digging the land and adding the elements.

Before that, you make sure about some primary work as:

PH test: it is an essential task for growing crops that the PH level must be on a balancing rate that can’t harm the growth of a plant. A PH level of 6.5 is ideal for the vegetable.

Around 7 is a neutral measurement so, 6-7 is good for the soil base. When the level drags from 5 and up to 7.5 the base needs fertilizing treatment.

Digging: At least 1 month before you should dig the garden area. Dig to 6 inches from the top with shovel blades and be careful not to dig very deep into the soil. Cause in the deep almost 60% of the microbes live which is very useful for the plants.

Remove waste: when you are digging, try to remove the rocks, stones, pebbles, debris, and other plastic materials.

When you have done with these primary tasks, select the fertilizers or soil builders as mentioned, amend the soil in a proper measurement for the plants you select, and leave the soil base for 1 month to mix well. After that time your land is ready for sowing.

When to plant?

You can grow vegetables throughout the whole year. But, start planting early in the winter through the spring you can get more veggies. In the cool season, vegetable grows very well and you can get a lot of winter greens. After preparing the soil, furnish it with different types of crops that you want to produce of your own.

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CabbageThis is a winter-season veggie. It needs well-drained and moist soil. It grows best at the 25°F to 80°F temperature. High temperatures can reduce its thrives. It prefers sunny locations.
CarrotThough it is also a cool seasonal vegetable it prefers 6-10 hours of sunlight for more growth. Grows best in 55-65° F temperature. It needs moist soil but not wet. Use mulch to retain the moisture on the top.
TomatoThis is a warm-season plant. it needs warm soil with a drainage system. It grows best in sun-steeped weather and needs at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. It mostly thrives at the 70°-80° F temperature.
RosemaryThis plant loves sunny weather. The best time for planting is spring. This drought-tolerant crop prefers mostly a well-drainage soil base. The temperature of 55°-80° F is suitable for growing rosemary.
BeansBest time for growing in spring. This plant loves moist soil but not wet. It requires a minimum of 53°- 58° F temperature for growing. Full sun is required for thriving.
CucumberIt best grows in warm weather. It needs full sunlight to grow well. It wants consistently moist soil. The temperature 75°-85° F is perfect for planting.
Plant Name and Growing Season

Best Backyard Garden Designs For Vegetable Planting

Select Vegetables That Grow Well In The Backyard

For beginners, it is worth liking that you need to select the vegetables that you like. It will encourage you for further planting. When your edibles are ready to pluck and you pull your own hands with your favorite greens, this pleasure is for sure hard to forget.

Firstly choose the crops and make a list to design on your style. This gives you a better understanding of more advanced designs in the backyard section.

Start With a Small Garden Area

As a novice, you should start with a small plan as for starter. Looking for shrubs like tomato, capsicum, and pepper is a good starter item and you can able to choose climbing plants like beans. For climbing one you need to make a shelter or scaffold to give the branches a lift. They are easy to grow and maintain. You can add them to the direct land or just put them in a patio or container.

Assemble Identical Plants

Make some small beds surrounding hedges and plant coriander, mint, or other identical plants in every bed grouped-wise. It helps to maintain them in almost the same way. Every bed is adorned with different sorts of plants which also bewitching greenery. Try to plant the smaller ones on the front face and the taller ones on the back face. So that they all can get the proper sunlight and air.

Take Enchanting Flowers With Salad Herbs to the Backyard

Make room for edible salad and give them a little preference as they are everyday meal-mates. It is seen generally that vegetables are always grouped and separated from flower plants. But that is optional. You can add enchanting flowers, and colorful flora to add more beauty. You just make two in one garden by planting them simultaneously. On the walking lawn, side put some colorful flower shrubs and at a distance of some inches place the edibles.

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Raised Beds For Seasonal Produced In Backside Garden

These are for the longer growing season. This is created to drain faster so that water can’t harm the root. Also, it is easy to amend the soil with needed fertilizers as required. So, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, onions, and the same sorts can be produced here. These raised beds have vertical support that leads to a more productive garden. It gives protection from kids and pets.

Create a Fertile Wall With Hanger Pots

This is nowadays a very popular design of gardening style. Make hangers with metal cables and put them on the wall in a parallel style. Prepare the soil and place them into the pots or containers or patios then small shrubs like plants seeding in the pots. Now settle them on the hangers. Make sure to water them regularly. You can paint the wall as your choice to give a prettier impression of the yard area. This also saves the land area for more production.

Build Bamboo Vertical Trellis For Vining Herbs

Vertical trellis are for the small places that can give shelter to the vining plants. A trellis is a stand-alone structure made of long bamboo, metal cable, or wood that is vertically placed from the land and helps sprawling plants off the ground. Green beans, bottle gourd, and miniature pumpkin seeds are for the trellis grow up the poles, and climb through the structure.

Placing Water Butt In The Lawnside

Water butt is a great source of store water and reuse the same for the plants. You can store rainwater and it keeps fresh which saves your extra water bill for the garden. This is also a vision for the viewers. Regular Water supply can be easy to deal with this useful tool.

Make Room For Pathways In The Backyard Garden

To reach all the plants easily for harvesting and inclined is incumbent for growers. This essential requisite you can create by designing the pathway with a flower pot border or pebbles line border, or with a terracotta floor. You can add any other small bushes like plants that build a barrier between the pathway and the grassland. These designs affect with aesthetic scenerio of the backyard garden.

Embracing Expensive Herbs Into Your Garden

Herbs are really good crops with vegetables. Especially the aromatic herbs that are easy to produce and can bring charm to the lawn. Rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, and spearmint herbs are not only for edible means but also very useful in daily care routines. You can pot them and place them side by the beds or just add them to the dining area or tea table area. The fragrance helps to attract useful pests for your veggies’ healthy thrive.

Combined Colored Or Fancy Plants

Vegetable garden often looks unattractive and gloomy. To help out yourself you can add colored plants like purple cabbage add your designated yard. Add an edging stand to give a different look. This will help the plants from overwind flow. You get two preferences by using edge, one is to help the plant and the other is to bring beauty. Similar grouped plants also cause orderly looks.

Adduce Hanging Grower

Planting on the hanging grower boxes is a magnificent idea to save your space. This looks like a wall or barrier structured with thick metal poles standing on the ground and the planter boxes hanging one after another with metal chains vertically. You can add in every box different types of vegetables or herbs or salads. The planter could be made of wood, metal, plastics, or bamboo depending upon your choice and budget.

Planting On Table In The Backyard

In the backyard sector, you can add a wooden table or metal or plastic table as a grower of the plants. This may cause you a small budgetary problem but it puts back an immense prettier look to your garden. You can also add a plant bag below the table and make a veggie edge.

The Bottom Line

We suggest that if you have a backyard, don’t make it unusable if you have a gardening plan. Vegetable garden planning is a great initiative to retain your money which you spend on expensive edibles. You can get healthy food without using pesticides.

We hope that our ideas for you help out of asking. Design your garden from the ideas we give you for a better style. You also can add newer things to make it more attractive.

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