How To Revive A Christmas Tree

How To Revive A Christmas Tree? ( Tips And Techniques To Follow Out)

Is your Christmas tree dying? You must worry whether it can be revived or not. Then you are in the right place. A dying Christmas tree can be revived in many ways. In this article, our journey is about informing you of the basic ways to bring back to life of a Christmas tree.

these trees are believed to bring cheerfulness. At the time of Christmas, most Christian families decore the tree inside of the house with colorful lights, gifts, and other ornaments as a part of their festival. The tree stays at home for some days so it needs to take care of. Sometimes seems that it turns green to brown that’s how starts dying.

We talked to some plant experts and researched the techniques to resurrect the Christmas tree. Stay tuned through this article to gather much knowledge to bring back your tree to life.

Reasons For A Dying Christmas Tree

Whenever you decore your tree, you must want it alive greenery. But not always your tree wants the same for you. It could be dying by some environmental or by some other causes. Briefly stated some reasons as:

  • The most common reason is low water. If the tree can’t absorb proper water it turns brown color for such deficiency.
  • High room temperature can be another reason for such fading fast. It prefers cold temperatures to thrive. You need not freeze your house but keep the tree near the window for fresh air.
  • Radiation also affects a great extent to the living tree. Keep it out of any devices that produce harmful rays. 
  • Another big cause for a dying tree is not being spotted in the right place or environment that opposes its blooming capacity.
  • If you cut off it without roots, it may not live longer and get fade away.

These reasons considerably are common for needle-dropping, brown leaves, and even killing the Christmas trees. So, you should take proper care of what your plants are deficient for. Then it will be easier to cure an expiring tree.

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How To Revive A Christmas Tree In A Pot

A potted Christmas tree can be damaged due to low maintenance. You should take more care to revive it. If it has not fully died then a little effort can bring its greenery back to life. The maneuver you should take as such :

  •  Firstly you should notice whether your pot has a drainage hole inside it or not. A drainage system is very important for planting trees. 
  • Before watering you must be conscious that how much your plant needs water in a day. Less water can cause fade needles, leaves to droop, and dead branches. You must water the plant as its needs to moisten the soil and the root. never leave the plant in drought soil. Placing ice cubes or crushed ice on the top of the soil too. It helps the soil wet for a long time in between watering.
  • Keep the potted tree out of the heated spot and place it in the cold weather. Using LED lights other than old-school Christmas lights to protect the plant from extra heat so that it can’t causes prematurely needle dropping.
  • Keep the living tree in some place where it can’t get direct sunlight
  • If the root got started to rotten, this might be of overwatering. It also causes the browning of the needles and dead branches. You should then clean the drainage area and trim the dead limb and pruning offshoots. Another remedy you can adopt is to put off the whole tree from the pot and rap the roots ball in biodegradable burlap and replant it in well-draining soil.

How To Keep A Potted Christmas Tree Alive All Year

A potted-grown Christmas tree and a pot containing such a tree do not have the same capability of living. A potted grown one grows in a pot so its roots spread through it and it becomes a strong plant. It would be best for them to leave it outside throughout the whole year.

If you keep it inside the house on the festival weekend you must be spotted it in the window side, or back door corner to breathe fresh air for thriving. Do not keep it over high heat temperature. Heat damaged their growth. Keep the tree warm up slowly in your warm house or the dying process can be extended for the temperature shock. It is a cold-adoring plant. Watering the plant medium range.

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Too much water causes dreadful roots and too low causes browning and drooping leaves. Water it to retain the soil moist.

The case of a potted Christmas tree that is dug up and kept in the pot is not a stronger one than the potted-grown. Experts suggest that living trees should not be inside the house for more than 2 weeks. You also keep it outside for at least the whole of the year and give time to spread roots. The best time for decoring it at 1 week before and after Christmas for a greenery look.

A cut tree will not grow roots and it will not survive throughout the year. Only the rooted trees are able to live for a whole year if given proper care and maintenance. Now it’s your turn to take measures as we said so that you can keep the Christmas tree alive all year.

Christmas Tree Turning Brown In Summer

It’s a natural thing that the Christmas tree turns brown in summer. But you do not have to worry about it. Your plants not gonna die from such a fall. Changing climate causes it as a part of their natural system. During the dry period, stems and needles don’t gain as much growth as at other times. The branches make room for new growth. It is also a good way to lightning their trim for an extra load of snow and ice in the winter season.

Sometimes it comes into being for low water supply. Less water can’t reach the foliole and cause color changes. The old needles fall fast for less photosynthesis. Fortunately,  Your plant will green up again in spring with new growth.

How To Revive A Christmas Tree With Roots

Watering a newly cut-off Christmas tree and a potted tree are two different factors. The cut-off one needs gallons of water in a day and must keep in a bucket of water as soon as taking home. But the potted one needs the necessary quantity of water to moisten the soil.

Overwatering causes root damage. You can notice some signs such as needle drooping, changing color, and dead branches to revive the root. The cure you should take that put out the whole tree and separate rotten roots and clear them with pruning shears. Wrap the whole root with a soil ball sacking using string to remain in place. Unclogged the drainage area and replant it in the pot or in the yard. Resume everyday care and your plant will blossom healthy.

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How To Keep A Christmas Tree Alive Outside

When the festive season is over you can keep your living Christmas tree outside for blooming. For that, you must buy or pick the freshest tree possible, which can be replanted. Water is the best source for keeping a plant alive. Proper water supply, placement in the right place, and a good drainage system are so important to keep alive the tree.

As soon as you brought the tree, it must be put in a bucket of water or stands in water. It absorbs one gallon of water in a day so, keep it in water or a moist condition for living. After the celebration, if you want to keep the tree as a memory plants it in your yard or potted it in a container outdoors. Pruning stems, trimming branches, fall of needles can be done in a proper way to give it a fresh look.

Place it in the light and airflow location that would considerably go with its growing.  

Preservation Of The Smell Of Christmas Tree 

A newly fresh tree placed indoors breathes a good smell when you enter into the house. But after some time the smell fade away because of drying out the plant. To preserve such a smell, do not put your tree leave drying out. Keep it in the proper trunk and stay moist and wet at the bottom of the tree. It absorbs water and keeps alive and unfurls its smell to the house.

The Bottom Line

Caring for a Christmas tree is not always tiresome work. Though it is a worrying matter for the gardener and also the non-gardeners to revive a dying tree, taking some measures to the problem removes such difficulties. We give you the proper tips and comprehension to bring back the life of your desired festival tree.

Now, we assume that you better understand the lackings and curing effects on your plant. Take the guidelines and measures whatever you like to revive a dying Christmas tree. You will surely get your tree in good green foliage across the Christmas festival period.

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