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16 Best Container Plants for the West Side of the House

There’s a phrase that says, “A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.” People like to plant flowers or trees that make them feel fresh and peaceful daily. Plantsmen are those who cherish the moment of planting trees or flowers. 

While planting a tree, the most important thing is to choose the best spot or location where the soil and the right amount of light are available.

In this article, you will learn about different varieties of container plants and which location of the house you should plant trees.

Best Hanging Plants for the West Side of the House

For indoor and outdoor decoration, thousands of spices are suitable for hanging; the only thing needed for this hanging plant is a drainage system. Here are some hanging plants

  1. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn fern

Staghorn fern is an outdoor plant that can be grown in summer but is also an indoor plant. It looks like deer or elk antlers and can be easily grown in a piece of wood or in a hanging basket.

2. Senecio Rowleyanus


Senecio Rowleyanus

The usual name is String of Pearls, which gives a beautiful look while growing up in a hanging basket. This plant is toxic for both people and animals. So even if its beads attract you, do not try to eat it.

3.Hedera Helix

Hedera Helix

It’s a common hanging plant for indoor houses. It prefers a significant amount of sunlight and can grow easily next to a window; one thing more about this plant is that it’s a valuable wildlife plant; you can find it anywhere in the wildlife, but it does well indoors too.

  1. Grape Lvy
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This hanging plant is not popular, but it looks great and shines when it grows. You can easily extend it on a hanging basket on the west side of your house.

  1. Lepismium Bolivianum

lepismium bolivianum

It’s a unique hanging plant known as forest cactus, as it easily grows in rocks and trees throughout the Bolivian Forest. It doesn’t require direct sunlight. It’s a nonpoisonous cactus tree.

Herbs Plants for the West Side of the House

Herbs do not need much space to grow. They can easily grow in a pot with proper guidelines.

Here are some herbs plants that will be beneficial for you

  • Annual herbs live for just one season. It will benefit you if it won’t grow and won’t take up space. So you can easily plant it on the west side of your house.
  • Perennial herbs regrow on their own every season, so you won’t have to work hard on them as their process is natural.
  • Mediterranean herbs like Oregano, Lavender will make your garden look beautiful by occupying a little space.

As these herbs grow from seeds, the thing that you have to do is keep them in a warm condition. 

These are the ones that can easily be grown in a container, and you can place them anywhere, like the west side of the house; you can place them on your windowsill.

Container Plants for Air Quality

Nowadays, people have indoor plants to keep their homes healthy and to give their interiors a natural look. In some research, it says that indoor plants can reduce indoor air pollution.

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Here are some of the incredible plants that you can keep in your indoors or plants that purify Air

Chlorophytum Comosum

Chlorophytum comosum

They are also known as Spider plants. Chlorophytum comosum plants overgrow; if you hang them in the container, it will give a beautiful vibe. Moreover, sometimes these plants produce beautiful white blossoms. And you don’t need to take extra care of them, you have to water them only 2,3 days a week.



The name Dracaenas comes from the ancient Greek word Drakaina. Dracaena is a popular indoor plant, and it says that its origin is from Madagascar and other Indian Ocean islands. It has 120 spices, and the amazing fact about this eye-catching plant is that you can have it indoors and outdoors. To keep your house air purifier, you can plant it in a big container and leave it in the corner.



aglaonema is usually called Chinese evergreen as its origin is in Asia. If you want to have a colorful air-purifying plant for your house, then you can definitely have this plant; it removes toxins from various sides and makes you feel fresh and elegant.

Container Flower Plants for the West Side of the House

Flowers are the most beautiful thing in this world; it’s depressing if you don’t have any flowers or plants around you. If you want to plant some flowers on the west side of your house, then here we are suggesting some colorful and attractive container flowers that can easily be placed anywhere you want

Calibrachoa Hybrid Flower

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Calibrachoa hybrid Flower

Calibrachoa Hybrid Flower, Known as million bells, has various colors, such as yellow, white, red, orange, purple etc. The colorful blossoms of these plants attract hummingbirds. Butterflies. Moreover, these plants do not need extra care; you can place them in a big container and leave them on the west side of your house or wherever you want.

Family Verbenaceae

Family Verbenaceae

This is the most beautiful container plant that has flowers during the summer. The flower of this plant can live for the whole summer, and it doesn’t need extra care; you have to give water an average level, and it will make the garden look fabulous.

Petunia x Hybrida

Petunia x hybrida

Petunia is the most common container flower nowadays. Lots of people have this plant in their garden with its various colors. 



This is a springtime flower, it blooms in the spring, but it won’t live for a long time. It has a vibrant color and can be planted in a big container. It has to stay moist, not soggy.

Pentas Lanceolata

Pentas Lanceolata

Pentas really look beautiful in a big container with vibrant colors. And it’s a suitable container flower for gardening. The other name Pentas is the Egyptian star flower. It mainly attracts Hummingbirds and butterflies, so you should definitely have this container flower for the west side of your house.


Taking care of your plants is a reminder to care for yourself. So planting trees, caring for them, and watering them keeps your mind fresh and peaceful. This article will give you an incredible idea about the kind of plant you want for your house.

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