Newspaper for Weed Control: How To Prepare and Use It?

Imagine, you are having a hot mug of coffee with the fresh news published in newspapers. Do you really think that newspapers only serve this purpose? You are absolutely wrong. After reading it, you can use the old newspapers to control the weeds.

Greetings to you everyone. This is James K Miller. I am very fortunate that I live in Virginia City. Do you want to know the reason? Please keep reading this article with me.

My gardening journey has started in such a way. Among many difficulties, one of my main difficulties was I could not control the weeds. On the other hand, my wife was complaining, “ Please! Get rid off the old newspapers!”.

So, I came up with an interesting idea which I will share now. That interesting idea was to control the weeds by using newspapers.

Why Are Newspapers Useful For Weed Control?

Utilizing newspapers is a fantastic way to control the weeds. The main reasons are-


If your plant does not get enough water, weeds cannot grow easily. But newspaper ensures permeability which means it lets water flow inside the soil. As a result, we can control the growth of the weeds.

Providing Shadows

If the sunlight comes directly, the weed seed can not grow easily. So the shadow is needed to control the weed’s growth. Newspaper can be helpful for this.

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Newspaper is an environment-friendly product. When it is dissolved in the soil, it provides nutrition to the soil. As a result, we can also control the weeds.

Do Newspapers Safe For The Soil?

If you’re concerned about using dyes and newspapers in your garden, have you considered the possibility of chemicals and plastics leaking from a landscape fabric? Or have you ever noticed the colors breaking away from the colored mulch?

No! Newspapers are still an excellent natural weed control method. Just remember that you can use genuine newspaper pages. Coupons, promotional inserts, and glossy sales promotions should all be avoided.

How Many Sheets of Newspaper Need For Weed Control?

To prevent the growth of weeds, you should place two or three pieces of newspaper on the garden soil. This suggests that there should be a total of two newspaper sheets. But you should focus on not using two folded sheets of newspaper cut in half, leading to four newspaper pieces placed on top of one another.

Does Paper Reduce Nitrogen In Garden Soil?

The question with wood-based mulches like paper is if they can reduce nitrogen levels in the soil. It has little effect on the nitrogen found in the soil. This is due to the fact that just a little portion of it comes into reach of that soil layer. While it is true that carbon-based things absorb soil nitrogen as it decompose, this is not the major concern that many people believe it to be.

How To Prepare The Soil Before Applying Newspaper?

The newspaper should be mulched around seedlings or young plants when they are about four to five inches tall. You should remove any small weeds that have sprouted near your plants. In between the stem and the beginning of the newspaper mulch, leave an inch or two of ground exposed.

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You can get the best results by preparing the soil ahead of time. You should throw the weeds away somewhere else; hopefully, the seeds will follow.

How To Use The Newspapers?

Spreading The Paper

The first step is to water the bed thoroughly. Then lay the paper directly atop the weeds and between the plants. At the end, overlap the newspaper on the edges, ensuring that there are no gaps between the sheets. For extra security, use garden staples if necessary.

Watering On The Paper

You should water the newspaper so that it will stay down while you are working. If you don’t, a strong wind will blow and send your papers flying. There is no movement with wet paper.

Mulching The Paper

You should cover the newspaper with your preferred mulch. Moreover, you should water the mulch Thoroughly. To hold the paper down, you can spread mulch-like wood chips, straw, or sawdust over the top.

The newspaper should be three or more sheets thick. To keep the paper in place, you should use a trowel to scrape a small amount of loose dirt over the edge. All exposed edges should be covered. To cut a hole in the paper, you should use a garden knife, jackknife, or pointed garden dibber.

Papers can be used safely in the garden. Paper is a wood-based natural product. From the trees. It is a natural fiber and an excellent source of natural carbon that can be composted and used in soil.

Paper may recover organic matter lost through years of planting, tilling, and erosion. Paper in the garden is one approach to recycling this waste product without paying for disposal. Paper is a far safer, cheaper, and environmentally friendly product than polished plastics.

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Newspaper is the beneficial element to reduce the weed. It is so cost-friendly that any garden lover can use this technique. Moreover, your garden soil will not spoil after using newspaper. We suggest you use newspapers as it is the most effective way.

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