Feng Shui Money Plant Placement

Top 8 Placements For Money Plants In View Of Feng Sui

As per the “Feng Sui” practice, the money plant symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and wealth. Placing a money plant in Feng Sui is an ideal key to bringing positivity to your home. Placement of these in a proper environment is essential for healthy growth. So, we are here to help you better understand the placement and care of these plants. Stay with us through the article.

The ideal location to place the plants may vary for every home, office, or other institution. They need to thrive in a proper environment you should realize. They are very beneficial as per the aspect of Chinese belief. They energize the home by purifying air and oxygen flow. When it is in the right place it can attract the wealth and bring money.

Here are some placement location tips for money plants according to Feng Sui. let’s walk through the path.

Feng Shui Money Plant Placement

In all Feng Sui aspects, money plants regard as the best way to hold good luck. Every species have separate immunities to thrive. We research some locations where the indoor money plants can be placed. Though they are low maintenance you should care for them properly to get a fit as a fiddle growth.

Feng Shui Money Tree At The Front Door

The front door can be the best place for keeping the plants as regards they reduce stress and anxiety. Whenever you come home after a tiresome work you must need to relax first. Money plants can mitigate your anxiety about pleasure and bring you close to nature even if you are inside your home.

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It is also said that in feng sui they attract your financial prosperity.

So this is a good decision to plant them in the front door of your home. You also decore your home soothingly by placing them.

Can We Keep Money Plant In Kitchen?

The probable answer is yes you can. Money plants are indoor trees that can be placed in your home wherever you want to. But must keep in mind whether they grow well in that location or not. The kitchen can be a good place to keep the greenery.

You can place them in a corner or above the cabinet, on the side of the sink, or on the table. It should not be placed on the side of the stove or microwave.

The heat can be damaged their leaves and they may not be thriving in that temperature. They effectively purify the air.

Money Plant In Bedroom

According to Feng Sui, money plants can bring fresh air to your home and cherish your good health. You can keep it in your bedroom for decoring and maintaining peace. They help to attain prosperity in your personal and professional life. They will help to heal sleeping disorders to a great extent.

You can place them in a corner, or a bedside table, or hanging on the window which looks better to you.

Some plants need shadow light for blooming so you can keep them according to their needs. They can create a comfortable atmosphere and avoid contentions with any family member. They help to maintain positivity in your room as well as your home.

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Placing Money Plant In the Bathroom

Do you know that the bathroom considers a better place of thinking and escort ideas? If you know that, money plants can be a good partner for your thinking capability as they offer a calming effort to your mind.

Placing Money Plant In the Bathroom
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Undoubtedly you should place money plants such as succulents or other low-light or shadow-loving plants in the bathroom area. They will help to get motivated and improve your memory.

Keep Money Plant In Balcony

Though money plants regard as indoor plants, some of the species can be placed on the balcony area. The plants which are connected to direct sunlight or bright light loving must be deposited on your balcony. You can furnish the area with these shrubs and make a tranquil environment.

In the afternoon or evening, a cup of coffee and chit-chat with your partner in this greenery atmosphere must rotate your mood to delectation.

Money Plant In Drawing Room

Who doesn’t like an organized and decorative home? Feng sui practitioners believe that plants are the best way to keep us close to nature and spread goodness among us. To decore your drawing room money plants are great accessories. these magical plants have immense power to resolve any issue with your house.

You can also place them in the top of an aquarium, on a corner rack, or on the side table of the sofa. This will surely look stunning and aesthetic.

Money Plant In Office

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For the numerous health and mind benefits you can put the money plants in your office surrounding. They are very good at absorbing harmful rays and act as anti-radiators.

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You can keep them on a side of a computer, laptop, television, or wifi connection to protect your health from deleterious rays. They also help you to give calmness in mind and a stress-free environment to work out.

Deposited Money Plant In South Direction

As per Feng Sui, the south direction is regarded as the good fortune for attracting wealth. The southeast area is connected to financial stability.

If you want to hold financial prosperity you should place them in this direction. They are renowned for bringing abundance to your economic life. They will help you attain a good height to your monetary situation.


In this modern world, for the sake of work from home, many of us spend our most time inside of a house. So, in view of Feng Sui believers indoor plants are a great way to reconnect us to nature and feel positive.

In this article, we tried to find you the best placements for money plants. You might be wondering that these plants need less care and maintenance so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

If you want to grow such plants then choose the right place as your desire and organize your home.

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